API Programming

Application Programming Interface

A good definition of API from wikipedia : An application programming interface (API)  is a specification intended to be used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other. An API may include specifications for routines, data structures, object classes, and variables. An API specification can take many forms, including an International Standard such as POSIX or vendor documentation such as the MicrosoftWindows API, or the libraries of a programming language, e.g. Standard Template Library in C++ or Java API.


Google API

Google API is a great set of developer’s tools. These tools helps programmers able to perform operations using google API and living within their development framework.

 Google API

With the Google API developer and programmers can use google features easily. Here is a list of available google Data API:

  • Google Analytics Data Export API
  • Google Apps APIs
  • Blogger Data API
  • Google Booksearch Data API 
  • Google Calendar Data API
  • Google Code Search Data API
  • Google Contacts Data API
  • Google Documents List Data API
  • Google Finance Portfolio Data API
  • Google Health Data API
  • Google Maps Data API
  • Picasa Web Albums Data API
  • Google Project Hosting Issue Tracker API
  • Google Sidewiki Data API
  • Google Spreadsheets Data API
  • Google Translator Toolkit Data API 
  • Google Webmaster Tools Data API
  • YouTube Data API


all google api product

All google API product