RDBMS Database Design

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Many developers create applications without a single thought about database design. This usually results in inflexible, inefficient applications.


Database design is the process of producing a comprehensive data model for your database with storage and management parameters being pre-set. The database development life cycle starts with requirements specification for the database and ends with its support and maintenance after its implementation and deployment.

Our database designers will:

  • Determine the purpose of the database
  • Organize the information required (Gather all of the types of information to record in the database)
  • Determine the data and the relationships between the different data elements to be stored in the database
  • Arrange data into logical structures and map into a database management system

We utilize the latest technologies more efficiently and offer database design and development services that provides you a competitive edge in your business.

  • Analyzing business process and defining business requirements
  • Preparing detail design specifications
  • Developing initial design/prototype for client’s review.
  • Providing Technical support/documentation on the final deliverables.
  • Maintaining/upgrading the database application based on further business requirements.