Web-based Applications

Regardless of your company’s size, the World Wide Web is a great equalizer – it brings your company from your local area to audiences nationally and internationally – Think Big Start Small.

We specialize in website design, development, maintenance, ecommerce solutions, custom applications, website marketing & promotion, competitive analysis and offordabe web hosting for your company. Web based custom application development

Our development team is focussed exclusively on:

Web based custom application development Website Application Development Services

We will arrange for an initial visit from an experienced consultant to discuss your plans and to understand how Parsa will be able to help.

Web-based Application Development

Our expertise extends from the smallest dynamic web sites to the most complex large scale database projects, including:

  • Information Websites
  • Community tools – such as permission-based forums, polls, news and surveys
  • Visual Interfaces to provide completely different experiences to different users on the same site
  • Business to consumer E-commerce
  • Business to business integration through Extranet technologies
  • Bespoke software such as configurators
  • Knowledge Management systems


Web Applications vs website

A web application is not a website and confusing web application and website is easy, as it confusing user interface design and website design. The main role of a website is to inform so its a collection of pages (static or dynamic) consisting mostly of static content, images and video which have limited interactive functionality. nowadays with CMS tools, you can have dynamic content and some fancy widgets. But their nature of them is still informational.

Web applications are dynamic, interactive systems that includes business process and interactivity no only but user but also with other parts of the system.  The primary role of a Web application is to perform a function that serves the user’s tasks and according to defined business rules.